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8th Grade Ceremony

8th Grade Ceremony

May 18, 2016

CMS Hosts District Band Festival Today

Daniel Vega

March 13, 2016

Ms. Reynolds, CMS Band Director exclaimed, "I like the Band Festival because I get to hear all the other middle school bands." When asked what she did to prepare for the Festival, she replied, "Every possible thing known to man!...

Mariachi After School

Mariachi After School

February 3, 2016

Staff VS Student Volleyball Game: Fight to the Finish

?? Salazar

February 2, 2016

When asked how determined she was to win against the students, Ms. Pyle said, "Very. It's a long-standing tradition that the staff has always beaten the volleyball girls. It's a matter of personal satisfaction. I was ecstatic...

Girls Ignite!

Girls Ignite!

November 29, 2015

“Out of Control” Field Trip Behavior: Editorial

Ms. Siefkas, Teacher/Yearbook/Newspaper Sponsor

November 19, 2015

“It is not a good thing to act a fool on a field trip. You are representing Central and the people there will think we’re bad,” said a student who has gotten in trouble on a field trip this year. “You also probably won’t get to go on the next...

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