Bring Back Mr. Browne and Mr. Simmons!


I always hated that a substitute teacher would give us work and they sometimes didn’t even know how to do the work.  Now I have to deal with a sub for for a long time until they find a new teacher?!

My name is Brianna Carreon. My classmates and I think we should bring back Mr. Simmons because we have been having worksheets everyday, even if we haven’t learned that subject yet.  There are some kids that want to go to Sumner, but might not be able to go at all, because we don’t have a math teacher.  Kids don’t want to repeat 7th grade because we don’t have the right grades.  So I think we need to get math teachers now! If we don’t get math teachers, we are all going to fail 7th grade because there are no Math teachers.

My name is Bezawit Mengstu, and this is why I want a hired math teacher.  First, when we have a math teacher, we are able to have a better learning experience.  What I mean when I say this, is that when we spend a long time with the teacher, they find out how we learn so they can change their teaching strategies to make it understandable for us.  Whereas substitutes are not able to do that because they get changed after a month and for the last week, it has been a new substitute teacher every day.  Second, certain substitutes don’t even bother to teach.  In my math class, some substitutes just let you have free time and go on phones. It is a nice break for like 25 or 30 minutes, but an hour is too long, especially if we didn’t even work that hard to be having that long of a break! When we get free time, some people use them for games or texting but certain students use them for inappropriate content.  Lastly, we don’t learn specific math skills we need to learn for 7th grade because substitutes only give out worksheets.

When we are not learning or turning in work, our grades go down. We could also have a hard time on our online tests, like the state KAP test.  As someone who wants to apply to Sumner Academy, I might not be able to get in if we don’t learn the proper math to do an excellent job on our KAP test.  Overall, with math being one of the most important subjects we need, hired math teachers so we can excel, get passing grades, and continue on to eight grade and to our future.

My name is Flor Orta. My friend and I were the ones who started a petition to get our math teachers back. Our petition had 266 signatures the last time I counted!

Mostly, we want anybody who reads this article to hear us out. There is a problem when you three math classes do not have a qualified teachers. Please, help us out by sharing this article with someone who will do something about our dilemma.