Volleyball Ends Season with Double Wins Against Rosedale


Hailey Heltzel said, “It was good season. I think we communicated really well this year.” What went well this season? “Probably our communication and working better at our spiking and passing.” What was the most exciting thing that happened? ” Winning against Arrowhead because they are a really good team.” What was the worst thing to happen this season? “Nothing really bad happened, but we had wanted to go undefeated.” What do you want to improve next season? “My spiking.” What were you nervous about this season? “I was nervous about playing against Arrowhead and Sumner. But we won against Arrowhead and we are replaying Sumner today.” How did your progress improve this season? “It improved because I used to be bad at serving but I got better because of practice.”

The A team lost against Sumner, but “we did better than the last time we played against them,” stated Debahni Acosta.

Coaches Brady and Wikler give a HUGE congrats to the A and B teams for their wins over Rosedale yesterday! Both teams dominated on the court, handing the Wildcats 4 looses in 4 straight sets. Nothing like ending regular season play with 2 WINS! A Team will play a tournament game THURSDAY after school. Coach Brady will find each team member during the lunch hour to deliver details. GO BEARCUBS!!