12-6 Win Against Northwest Follows Loss Against Eisenhower

Kameron Yarbrough Scores 2 Touchdowns in Eisenhower Game

Team Holds Them to 14 Points First Half, Lack of Bodies Results in Two TouchDowns 3rd Quarter

Jeremiah Looney was not ready for his first game, “I was nervous because this was my first time playing in middle school. But I feel good about playing football.” Who’s the fiercest competitor? “I would say the whole team.” When asked what the favorite part of the game was “touching the ball!” What was the worst part of the game? “Me fumbling and getting tackled.” He psyches himself up for a game by “getting my team hiked up and being ready to play.”

Eduardo Sandoval states, “I was ready, but the rest of the team, I don’t know.” Who’s the fiercest competitor on your team? “If I had to say someone, it would be Kameron Yarbrough.”

Coach Brockman said “at Saturday’s game, we had a tough fight with Northwest. It went all the way down to the wire. It was tied 6-6 until on fourth down. There was a fumble on the field. We picked it up and ran it to the 50 yard line. The next play, Kameron Yarbrough  threw the ball to Eduardo Sandoval to score the game-winning touch down!”

Coach Batie stated, “We won. We played hard. We got a couple of breaks to help us win.” What’s great about the team this year? “They listen. They’re disciplined.”

Coach Roeckenhaus agrees, “The boys played really hard and we came away with a victory over Northwest. The team acts like a family. They’re all here for each other–they all play for each other.”

Eduardo Sandoval exclaimed, “We won against Northwest! The team this year has a great defense and overall, people handle the ball a lot better.”

Kameron Yarbrough said, “A lot of good and bad things happened at Saturday’s game against Northwest. We were able to pass and run.” What’s great about this year’s team? “We don’t have no quit!”