First Day of One of the Hardest Change 6th Graders Will Experience

Mr. Lazzo’s advocates attempt the second annual Domino Challenge!

“The transition into middle school will be the hardest change kids experience during their school years…Compared to this, the first day of high school is a piece of cake,” states Allan Mucerino, Principal Ensign Intermediate School in Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul.

As a sixth grader, you might worry about so many things: How much trouble are you in if you are late to class? Where is hall sweep? how many can I have before I have to go to the office? Which direction does the lock go for the first number? How many times do you go around for the second number? What do you do if you cannot get your locker open and you need your book for class? What day did the teacher say they wanted that work turned in? Will I have time to do all this homework? Will I fit in? Will someon bully me? What will I do if I see someone bullying another 6th grader? Will the tests be hard, and will I pass them?

Here are things that might help you not worry so much: Practice your lock during advocacy. Go to your class right away. Carry all your books with you. Pay attention in class. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Chances are, many others had the same question, but were afraid to ask! Stay after school for a few minutes to get extra help or to get your work started so you can finish at home.

“Being a sixth grader is fun, exciting, and maybe scary because you start a new school that is VERY different from elementary. But, I really like that you get to have so many teachers and many more classmates!” Emily Olivas