Football: Ready to Hit and Tackle at First Game Sat. 9/7 Game

Coach Roeckenhaus likes football. “I like the contact aspect and the team aspect. You gotta be good with your teammates because everybody relies on each other.” When asked if he was excited about his first game, he stated, “Yes, I am excited. I think we’ve got a good shot and we’re going to go out there and play our hardest!” What keeps you motivated? “Winning!” When asked what the team’s strengths were, he said, “Our teamwork and our family aspect–we’re all in this together.” What does the team need to work on? “Our speed and our athleticism.”

Javier Ochoa is excited about Saturday’s game because “It’s really fun to play football. I feel like more people play! It’s very good for exercise, especially in school when you sit all day. I like to defend, attack, catch.” When asked what keeps him motivated, he replied, “My teammates. We help out each other–that’s what a team is for?” What does the team need to work on? “I know I need to be a stronger defender.”

Coach Brockman is excited about the first game. “It’s been a long off-season. I like football just because you get to hit. Not many sports do you get to hit! It’s a good way to take out your aggression.” When asked why he coached, he answered, “I like helping kids do something they love. I keep motivated watching them get better every week.” What are the team’s strengths? “We have a lot of leadership–a lot of 8th graders back who set the example and they do the right thing. I think the 7th graders should see that.” What does the team need to work on? “We need to get more people to play!” Are you ready for Saturday’s game? “No, we just put the pads on, so we haven’t really got to practice a lot. I wish we had another week, then we’ll be ready.”

Coach Batie likes football “because you work together to complete a goal, run, and hit some people.” Are you ready for the first game? “Right now–no, but we’re getting there.” What are the team’s strengths? “Hopefully, 8th grade leadership and recruitment of more bodies.” What does the team need to work on? “Make sure we’re tough and ready to tackle. They also need to do what the coaches say and what we practiced.”

Troy Deberry #22 likes football! “It’s fun. It’s creative.” When asked if he was ready for his first game, ??? enthusiastically stated, “Yep! We are strong in teamwork.” What does the team need to work on? “Knowing the plays and blocking.” What keeps motivated? “Winning!” he states, echoing Coach Batie’s motivation.

Jaleel Black plays football because “it’s fun tackling people! My whole family played football.” What does the team need to work on? “Blocking better and confidence.”

Jose Ochoa Flores likes football because “it keeps me motivated and working as a team. I joined because I was bored with school.”