Double Wins Against Coronado! Girls’ Win 1-0; Boys’ Win 6-1!

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Coach Quintanilla states, “Everybody did good, even the people who played for the first time. Plus, they got the win! When asked what were the team’s strengths, Coach said, “Right now the chemistry is pretty good. They are communicating and we’re playing as a team.” What was tough about the game? “What made it tough was we had kids that haven’t played.”

Coach Schull states, “I think our communication as a team has gone well and we did some good passing near the end as well.” What are the girls’ strengths? “Communication is a big strength for them. They bond very well as a team. They take care of each other.” What’s been tough about the season? “Controlling our emotions. There were times we got really close to scoring, but we didn’t quite get there, so trying to control that and our expectations.” What does the team need to improve to keep on winning this season? “They need to continue improving their passing game and shots on goal.”

Elyza Zamudio states, “I was focusing on trying to make the goals.” What are your strengths? “I try to make the goals.” Elyza echoed Coach Schull’s belief that communication is the team’s strength. “We’ve improved on passing to each other. We do need to practice more.”

Mariela Banuelos said, “Our communication is going well, it’s our strength. We also do well passing the ball to each other.” What does the team need to improve to win again? “Talking more and shooting for goal.”

Ana Madrid agrees with Mariela in communication as the team’s strength. “But the cold, rainy weather made it a tough game.”

Coach Kupchin replied, “Overall the game went really well. The girls worked well together. We could have had a lot more shots on goal, though.” What are the team’s greatest strengths? “They work together as a team very, very well. The girls all get along, so that makes it easier.” What was tough about the game? “Our shots were not going in the goal. We had plenty of opportunities, but we only came out with a 1-0 win. That’s what we need to improve to win again.”

Edwin Sanchez states, “The best thing about the game was our 6-1 win!” What are your strengths? “My strength is that I’m fast and I try my best in every game.” What are the team’s strengths? “We work as a team and we don’t fight during games, and if we’re losing, we still don’t give up.” What was tough about the games so far this season? “The first game, the other team was also pretty good, ending in a draw. We need to not be nervous, work harder at practice.”

Coach Quintanilla replied, “The game went well. Everybody was able to play. For some players, this was their first game. They did good, looked a little bit nervous. The best thing is that we got the win!” What are the team’s strengths? “Right now, the chemistry is pretty good. They’re communicating and playing as a team–that’s always good.” What was tough about the game? “What made it tough was that we had kids that had not played, they were nervous. It took a little bit of time for the team to come together and play.” What does the team need to do to improve in order to win again? “More goals, better passes, make more shots to the goal, get even better than we’re doing now.”



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