A Beautiful Day to Run, Throw, and Jump

First Track Meet: Central, Northwest and Rosedale

The weather was perfect for Central’s first track meet–quite a contrast to last year, where the first two track meets were canceled due to weather!

Billie Sandoval said ” I think they’re really fun they help me out a lot and they building character, meeting new people. What went well with it was my discus I got third place I’m improving a lot and my throwing distance. My strengths are throwing, I have a better throwing arm than running. My team’s strengths are whenever we’re struggling we encourage each other. What was tough about the meet was there was a lot of other good people. We do not need to improve the meets but the grades. Without good grades, you’re not eligible.”

Samuel Estrada said “I think we’ve been doing good so far, on throwing and we’ve been doing good as a team. What went well was 7th and 8th-grade boys stayed undefeated so far. My strengths are trying to get to my personal best at throwing. The team’s strengths are trying to keep up on our running and throwing. What was tough was Eisenhower was kind of good. I still need to try and improve my throwing score.”

Coach Batie said ” I won my first two matches this year, so I’m excited. What went well was we won, throwing did pretty good so I’m happy about that. The team’s strengths doing very good at distance and throwing and jumping. what was tough about the meet, it was the sprinting that was tough for us and Eisenhower has a lot of people.  just working hard and I’m really proud of the team”.

coach Perdue said ” I thought we had really good efforts out there and Eisenhower was a really tough team so was Sumner, but I thought everybody did really good was working hard and trying to do there best and we got surprised the 7th and 8th-grade boys best Eisenhower I thought we got beat but we actually won. what went well?  like I said the efforts we did really well in the big events and the discus we did really good on our relays did well as I said basically everybody was working with each other. the team strengths? the desire to win there are kids that come to practice every day to be the best. what was tough? the girls had a very small team