Science KAP testing


Mr. Xavier says, “I think my students will do well on the test, we’ve been practicing in FA. Students are struggling with recalling math facts. I don’t  think that testing every quarter is too much. Using testing to prepare for testing can be a little too much for students at times.  My ways to calm students when testing are just reminding the students to try their best, take their time, to read through, and to be focused.”

Ms.Reno says, “I think my students are doing pretty good. They’re striving to get to that 3 on the scale. I’m not nervous, just stressed. Students are struggling with the stamina, actually reading the question and falling asleep. Some questions were also long. We don’t test every quarter, we only take the state test once a year in science just for eighth grade. They’re tested fifth grade, eighth grade, and tenth grade and eleventh, so it’s not like MAP testing. I do agree that there is way too much testing for students. We use a “1,2,3 breathe, 4,5,6 relax, 7, 8, 9 ready? Questions, go get em” calming method in my science classes.”