Open Mic Night

Flor Oreta says, “I wrote this poem because all of the hate in the world and things I’m dealing with. The poem that I wrote is ‘Don’t Worry.’ It’s about how, when I die, I don’t want people to worry about how I am going to be and pressure me and be like, ‘You have to be okay.’ I just like to be free and not let people worry about me. I’d rather worry about  other people than myself. Writing poetry really helps me with a lot of things, it calms my nerves. The people don’t know me, so they can’t say anything bad about me or judge me. Poetry is fun and we get to be creative, even though some people in the world try to shut us up we’re always standing back up on our feet.”

Osiris Juarez says, “I was just looking through news because I was bored and I saw that a kid committed suicide. I have a friend that has depression and she told me if she ever commits, that I shouldn’t be sad or anything because she’s happy in heaven and stuff like that. My poem is called “Don’t Cry.” It’s about the things that happened to cause depression–don’t cry even when I’m in pain, even though it sounds selfish, they are already happy. Poetry is a way that I express my emotions. I was nervous at Open Mic Night, as I never performed  a poem in front of people. ”

Mr.Francis says “The purpose for open mic night here at Central tonight is to have a space where middle school poets can read the work they’ve been working on  for the past couple of months. We’ve been fortunate enough to go to Poetry Slams with the high school students and they’ve been able to read a few poems there, but really we want space for just middle schoolers to be comfortable with students their age and really getting the feel for what it is to perform poetry.”

Alex Villalba says, “Well I really didn’t write it, I read Nevaeh’s poem, “I Am the Owl” (*note: Find Nevaeh’s poem in Student Life!). I don’t write poetry, but Nevaeh does a lot. I think poetry gives you a chance to express yourself.”

Keiryae Emery said, “At first I couldn’t write ,but all of friends kept telling me to write a poem for the poetry open mic. So, I decided to make one called ‘Writers Block.’ Poems are really fun to do in front of people. I was nervous, though, because it feels like everyone is staring at you, just to watch to see if you’re going to mess up. Mr. Francis, our sponsor and teacher is fun and he helps us with the poems to make them better.”