First Time Ever: No Win by Either Soccer Team

Boy’s Team: Deadlock 0-0; Girl’s Team Loses 2-1

Brian Carracheo said “The first game was good. I was ready for it. Everybody played well and everyone was touching the ball well.” When asked what his strengths were, Carracheo replied, “Kicking the ball and running. Our team is strong in passing the ball to each other.” What was tough about the game? “Defense. We need to pass the ball more and get more practice at kicking the ball. The coaches motivate us and give us the practice we need.”

Jeremy Quintanilla said, “We did good! It was a tough match. Our defense line was good, how the other team couldn’t pass our line.” What were your strengths? “Pressuring through our opponents’ defense line, passing, and recovering the ball.” What was tough about the game? “How we lost the ball and how we struggled to get it back. We need to improve on shooting and taking our chances for goal.” What do the coaches do to motivate you? “They tell us that we have a chance to win and to never give up!”

Coach Quintanilla said, “It was a pretty good game. The team did a lot, better than what I expected–passes were pretty good.” When asked if the team was ready for the first game, Coach Quintanilla replied, “I think we were, even though I had my doubts sometimes because we didn’t have enough practice. Due to the rain, we only had four outdoor practices before Saturday’s game against Argentine. At least the team showed me and Coach Gurung that they were ready. We started strong. Argentine didn’t have the position of the ball for that long.” What are the team’s strengths? “Right now, I would say the passing. They did a lot of running. They put a lot of pressure. They do need to do better in communication.” What was tough about the game? “The fact that we didn’t practice enough. It was tough trying to figure out where to position the players, for the team to follow the way they need to.” What will you do to improve for the next game? “We’ll still be working on passes, making sure everybody’s communicating, practicing more on shooting. That was one of the things we lacked–we didn’t make enough shots to the goal.”

Kairo Martinez said, “I think we need to get better at passes. We weren’t ready for it. Shooting went well.” What was tough about the game? “We couldn’t pass to the defense.”

Alex Padilla said, “The game went pretty well for our first match with only four days of practice! On some levels we were ready, on some we were not. Passing was on point, but overall we did well. Our communication went well. The way the team was defending was good. We gave a little bit more in the second half.” What are your strengths? “I’m strong in placement and passing.” What are the team’s strengths? “Chemistry, obviously! And knowing how we move and how we play, so we can make a goal.” What was tough about the game? “The game was all about getting past the defense, because we didn’t really shoot, instead of keeping the ball in the middle, and dropping down to defend. We’ll definitely be working on our passing and shooting, and getting a lot faster by more conditioning.” What do the coaches do to motivate you? “They don’t tell us what we do well in, they tell us what we did bad in, and show us how we can improve.”

Edwin Perez says, “It went well, I was ready for it and everything went well. Our team’s strength was defense. What was tough was our opponents, Argentine. I would improve by shooting more for our next game.”

Karol Castro says “I wasn’t really ready for our first game, we needed more practice. Nothing went well, but our team’s strengths were that we tried to work together.