New Schedule Not Liked By Many Students

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“Now, with test prep and Wednesday advocacy cut short, there is no time for Board Game or Chess Club,” complains Osiris Juarez. “It also takes time away from just having out with

Lily Lopez agrees, “Most parents are already waiting outside by the time we are dismissed at 3:02, so we don’t have a lot of time to talk to our friends after school. Some students couldn’t even make it to school on time on the old schedule. How are they going to make it to school by 7:42 am? Another thing, we have to start carrying the heavy computers on Wednesdays now, too? Wednesdays was always a kind of “free” day.friends.”

“It’s horrible! It added more time to school and it feels like the day is going slower. I’m like, ‘What time are we going to get out of this class?’ Today, at last lunch, the bell rang and we were late and had to run. Damiana knocked over another student in her rush to get her stuff from class! Every class feels long, but hour 2/3 really feels long! I don’t like that we have to carry the heavy computers on Wednesdays now,” states Nuru Abdallah.

When asked about the schedule change, Dr. Skretta, CMS Principal said, “We decided to change the schedule because, first of all, we’re now adding eight minutes to the start of the day and seven minutes to the end due to all the snow days we’ve had. But as far as the overall change we wanted to have a longer F/A or advocacy period at the start of the day so we can do test prep and have Bear Cub time a little longer. Test prep is so important because the upcoming state tests are basically how our school is graded or how we are evaluated. We want our students to have the best opportunity to show what they know and be ready for those tests. We have so many great students here and we know that they’re learning  and doing well. We want them to do well on the tests, too.” When asked if morning tardies had increased with the schedule change, Dr. Skretta replied, “So far we’ve seen that there are more students tardy at the beginning of the day, but we’re hoping by the end of this week everyone gets adjusted to the new schedule on the earlier start time. We added computers to Wednesdays. The idea is the computers are a learning tool, we want our students to have access to this learning tool everyday of the week. Our teachers have really wanted to be able to use them on Wednesdays as on the other days of the week. I’m not totally sure when Chess Club will be back. Mrs. Kuch will come up with a plan.”

Note: Dungeons and Dragons are now meeting Thursdays after school!



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