B-Team Wins with Final Basket by Jassir Ali; A-Team Loses to West


B-team won with Jassir Ali’s final shot! A-Team lost.

Andy Vallencio said “West has a very small basketball court. It was tough to score because there were no corners to shoot from. Billy Sandoval remarked to Coach Batie, “Coach, if three of their players joined outstretched arms, they could reach clear across this little court!”

When asked what was tough about the game, Kameron Yarbrough said “The rebound was tough, and that’s it. I also improved by eliminating turnovers.” Jose Rodriguez adds, “For the most part our defense was really good. We just need to make more buckets–get the points.”

When asked what his strengths were, Juan Sosa said “My strengths are that I’m good at rebounding and I’m good at passing the ball.”

When asked how he motivates his team when they’ve been losing many games, Coach Batie said “A lot of yelling, and threatening with running.. That’s how I motivate my team.”