First Home Game

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Kameron Yarbrough said “what I do to improve  for the game next month is to eliminate my turn overs”.

Coach Batie said ” I motivate my team by yelling a lot to my team and threat them when their running”.

Coach Laird said ” I motivate my team by trying to be positive to them and just want them to do their best of what they can and motivating them to just wanting to be excellent and fell proud of what they have done”.

Andi ? said ” Well I want to work my shooting because right I’m not good with shooting is what I need to work for the next game”.

? said “Well what I think that my first game went well and everybody played hard and it is what it is”.

Juan ? said ” Uh well what was tough about the game is that we didn’t score enough”.

Jose Rodriguez said “Um I think we did okay but we had to stop turning the ball “.




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