Nevaeh Felix Spells Her Way to First Place at Spelling Bee, Cesar Hernandez Second Place

Bezawit Mengstu said “It feels good to be third, really good.  I didn’t win anything, but I got to be a part of this.” What was the hardest word for you? “The word that I lost with was ‘thesaurus.'” How long did you study for the spelling bee? “Honestly, I didn’t study. I only studied for like a day and a half-very little! It is scary.  You just don’t know if you’re going to spell a word wrong or not.”

Nevaeh Felix, spelling bee winner, said, “It feels really amazing and I really didn’t work hard for this. If I had, it would have felt really great. I competed with nine people. I feel like ‘colon’ was the hardest word because not a lot of people know how to spell that word. I really didn’t study very much. I actually studied the day before. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but it was very nerve-wracking when I went into the Spelling Bee.”

When asked if she was nervous, Felix replied, “I was nervous even though there was really not a crowd. It was just very  because there was a little bell and if it rang it means you got it wrong so it was very nerve racking and take it slow and get it right. I think it is very important because sometimes as a author or as a type writer or some job that includes typing maybe your not gonna have a google to search up a word sometimes you don’t know how to spell it right their and then. My advice for the others is that you just have to have a lot of courage and believe yourself and just have fun and be postive.