New District Cell Phone Policy Has Students Mad as Grizzlies

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Students hate the NO phone policy. Even though the policy states that students are not to bring their cell phone to class, students still do. The school has not provided teachers with lock boxes for students’ phones. This cell phone policy is coming from the new superintendent, Dr. Foust. Dr. Stretta, CMS principal stated in a letter to parents: “2019 New cell phone policy: Please know that beginning on January 8, 2019, we will no longer allow students to carry their cell phones with them.”

On top of this new policy, Central already had implemented earlier this year the “No Hoodie Policy” and the “No Earbud”

policy. Enough is enough! The administration is taking away all of our freedoms!

But, on another point of view, the principles and teachers would like their students to be successful in society and academically. They also want students to become more focused about their education other than what they’re posting on their social media. The use of social media during school hours during classroom observations and walk-throughs was the main reason for the implementation of this policy by the superintendent, according to a high school technology teacher.

Olathe middle school cell phone policy is similar to ours: “Students should not communicate via cell phones with anyone between  7:40 am to 3:10pm.”Shawnee Mission also has a cell phone policy similar to ours, but not as strict. Blue Valley’s cell phone policy is similar to Sumner, in that students may use their cell phones in class for educational purposes only. North Kansas City permits use of cell phones before and after school and during passing periods. This is similar to the policy at Wyandotte High School.

So we all hate the cell phone policy and the district not letting us take it to school but here are some voices that also disagree and agree about the cell phone policy.

Mrs.Henry said that ” Um.. I really don’t agree with the phone policy um… having them put them in their locker because people can get into other people’s locker.  No I won’t be checking kids if they have phones to class because I don’t think thats my job. But if I see them take it out and using them then I will take it away. Uh… so a lot of kids don’t lock there lockers and thats our fault we should have made it to lock our lockers and if we don’t we got in trouble but now it’s kinda of to late. Oh they think that right now that  how are you gonna make me take my phone away and how are you gonna know I have a phone or not and they have kinda of got a good a point. I really don’t what will be the consequences depends.”

Ms. Wikler said that ” I think that it’s a good idea and policy in place I’m not really sure about the details of this particular policy um.. yeah so I don’t know how I feel about this policy but I think it’s a good idea that something is setup that students know what is expected. I personally don’t plan on checking if students have there phones in class for me it will just be if it’s out or if I see it um.. then I might respond a little bit differently. The lockers should be safe if you put on the lock and don’t share your combination with anybody. The few students that I know aren’t happy about the phone policy um… you know that they think that there phones might get lost and somebody might get into there locker. I really don’t know what the consequences will be because thats not my job its the districts.

Mr.Brockman said that ” I really don’t have an opinion on it if students can’t have there phones and that is a distraction in my class. We have time to check if students have there phones because it’s not such a big deal. It would the students lock there lockers then the lockers and if they don’t then it won’t be safe. I’m assuming that most students don’t like it like about the policy. I don’t know about the consequences will be it depends on Doctor Skretta new rules.

Mrs.Brady saind ” I support it I think thats its best that students have limits and no distractions and eacj students have laptops and its really not neccasserry that they have a cell phone. My assumption is that if the rule says  that we aren’t supposed to have cell phones then we aren’t and it should not appear in my classroom I will not be patting kids. I feel that locker combinations should not be shared with others and you have to have signifficant trust in your locker partner and remember to lock your locker. My guess is that they are not excited about the new policy. The consequences has yet to be determined.

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