Robotics Tournament On Saturday!

The Robotics team is getting ready for their tournament on Saturday. They’re ready to win!

Jesus Ontiveros says, “We build robots and we compete in a tournament. You have to be good at building robots to be good at Robotics.” Samantha Mendoza says, “I would like to see our tournament go well, that we have fun, that the robot completes the missions, and the core values board go up. I’m not really ready for the tournament on Saturday because we did not have a lot of time to prepare.”

Zachary Tyler says, “You need to be good at cooperation, teamwork, and be creative. I would like to see different kinds of ideas. Karla Rebollo Pena says, “It’s a process of programming the robot and learning. I’m not ready for the tournament on Saturday because many people left the team.We started late and I don’t know if we have enough time.”

Ms. Reno, Robotics sponsor, says, ” Robotics has challenging tasks to let students think outside the box. When asked what exactly happens at a Robotics Tournament? “Lots of things happen at the Robotics tournament. They get to have fun and it’s very energetic! The students have three things to do: a research project, where they research on the problem and their solution; they have to do a Robot Game where they design various missions to try to get done; and they have to do Core Values, where they have write about what they’ve discovered through the entire process.”

Good luck to the Robotics team! We hope you win the tournament!