Wrestlers Get Ready to Rrrrr..umble!

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Jassir Ali was asked if he was ready for Saturday’s meet against Sumner and Rosedale:  “Yes, I’m ready because I think I’ve had enough of practice.” What are the team’s strengths? “We are really good on our take downs and springs. We need to work on pinning people.” What has been the most challenging things for you to do in wrestling? “Everything!”

Jose Rodriguez adds, “I stay ready so I wont have to get ready. What are your teams strengths from practice? Nun, naw I’m just playing probably take downs and half nelsons. What does the team still need to work on? Penetration steps and not getting to the back easily. What has been the most challenging thing for you to do in wrestling?  Probably a split.

Billy Sandoval  says, “I’ve been ready ever since I got a loss against Sumner last year–I’ve wanted redemption! I think I’m going to do good this year! We have really good defense. Most of the year, we’ve had better defense than offense. So I think if we get locked, then we can get out of it. They need to work on offense, for sure.” What has been the most challenging thing about wrestling? “I think trying to pin people. Some wrestlers are really good. Pinning people is not one of my strengths.”

Julissa Chavez says, “No, I’m not ready because I missed a week of practice and I don’t know some of the moves yet.” What are the team’s strengths? “Our team does the half-nelson really well.

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