Double Win Over Argentine, Double Loss to Rosedale

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Jolette Muneton, a first-year basketball player, said, “Our team’s strengths are that we’re good at shooting. The team still needs to work on passing the ball and talking to each other. What I still need to work on is shooting the three’s.” Muneton said she is ready for Tuesday’s game, “it might be a rough game, but we will win this. The team still needs to work on defense and controlling the ball.”

Coach Weinzirl said, “I’m ready for Tuesday’s game against Argentine.  But, we’ll have to see if the girls are ready though. A lot of the girls struggle with communication on the court. They need to be more vocal.  We’ve got a handful of girls that look solid and should be able to beat up on Argentine.” When asked about his team’s strengths, Coach Weinzirl replied, “Our strengths are jump shots, layouts, tagging the rim. Our weakness: being vocal, being loud, pivot moves, rebounds.”

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