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Last Football Game of the Season

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Last Football Game of the Season

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Alejandro Gonzales said ” I felt good about the season because we improved on many things obviously there were areas in which we lacked but overall I think the team and I did good, we tried our best and had fun. We did well by getting a lot more touchdowns than we did last season you know, last season we didn’t get our first touchdown till the third-fourth game. But, this season we started off strong and got more touchdowns. Next season we’ll improve our lining and remembering our place and everyone just focusing a lot more, working harder. There was a lot of horseplay this season and not a lot of people were focused. I was nervous about winning, my performance, tackles. I improved by learning more about positions I could play you know, I used to never consider myself a lineman but you know I kinda started to allow myself to be more into that type of position.”

Brian said ” I felt good that we got better touchdowns, more tackles, and more good players. What went well is that we got more touchdowns, we didn’t let the other team get that much touchdowns, and we got good tackles. What we need to improve next season is to try to win more games. I was nervous that we wouldn’t get enough touchdowns, we would be an easy team and not get a lot of tackles. I improved and progressed by getting more tackles, more yards and I got the ball more.”

Andy Vallecillo ” I felt good that I got many tackles. What went well this season is we scored more than I was expecting to score. I want to improve for next season is to plan offence, that’s what I want to improve. I was nervous a little bit at the first game but I got used to it. I progressed and improved by going and actually practicing, because it helps a lot to practice.”

Coach Batie said, ” What I would like to change for next year is we could maybe somehow have something for the kids to do over the summer time because it takes us about four weeks to actually understand football. Maybe a summer camp, or maybe I could just find a way to get them involved instead of them just sitting around playing Fortnite all summer.”




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Last Football Game of the Season