Art Club Adds Color to CMS Walls

The art club is painting two murals, one in the North stairwell and one in the South stairwell.

Mr. Casteel, the Art Club teacher says, “The South stairwell will be CMS Sports and have all the different sport symbols. The one in the North stairwell with say ‘Never Give Up’ and will  have the house from the movie Up with the balloons.”

Flor Ortz says, “We came up with this idea by all of us drawing on two big pieces of paper.”

Arlyn Escobar says, “My goal is to for everyone to see what art is about and how it isn’t just about one certain type of stuff and it can be  sports, it can be allowed in all kinds of different situations. ”

Cecilia Rios says, “Momo came up with the design of the murals.”