Monday’s 8th Grade Radical Challenge

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The Radical Challenge Leadership Training in Liberty, Missouri was very fun! Students got the chance to experience outdoor challenges and problem-solving. We learned about leadership: how to lead our group to successfully complete each of the seven challenges–a new leader for each new challenge. Focus was on the leadership skills we all have, about respect and cooperation. There were seven challenges, each one harder than the one before. If we wanted to complete the challenge, we had to work on developing skills like listening to others’ ideas, supporting each other, and more.

Earnest Shepherd Youth Camp has way too many trees–it was like a forest! 60 students went on Monday and 60 students went Tuesday. The goal was for all 8th graders to participate. Andy Vallecillo was glad Ms. Smith insisted he go, as you can tell by his picture, he had a fun group, able to meet most of the challenges.

Teachers had to be there at 7am Monday morning to walk the trail and do the challenges, but they could not help us, which was hard for Ms. Smith! It was a field trip where we learned AND had fun! We learned a lot about leadership. After each challenge, we had to tell two things the leader did well and then the leader or leaders told two things the group did well.

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