Horrible Smell Closes School

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Horrible Smell Closes School

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No, it’s not a smelly bear–it’s the construction crew’s adhesive.

Students arrived this morning and were directed to the field across the street. “What’s going on?” Nery Gonzalez asks. “Why are we in the field? Can we just go home?” And that’s what the majority of the students did. Many called parents from the field as we stood with our advocacy groups eating breakfast, waiting for word that it was safe to go back in the school.

“I thought there was a big fight!” aims Jassir Ali said.

The fire department came to check that the building was safe. Meanwhile, out in the field, breakfast tubs were delivered and students ate breakfast while standing. Students and teacher slowly filed back across the street to school, to be greeted by on odor “worse than rotten eggs.” Many students complained of feeling sick and those with asthma went to the nurse and called parents. By lunch at 11:22 a.m., only 180 students remain. The smell also remains…

In an email, Dr. Skreeta, principal said, “First, THANK YOU for a wonderful job of responding to an unfortunate circumstance today at Central as the school day began. I am incredibly proud and grateful to work with educators who know how to keep kids safe and respond appropriately in such situations.

Secondly, I want to share some details so you are aware of what happened. There is work being done on Ivandale and the smell actually came from an adhesive agent that wafted into the building through our plumbing. I spoke directly with the supervisor of the road work and he tested for the levels of the agent in the air. We are assured that there is no chance of harm due to the odor. I am also understanding of and sensitive to the fact that the odor made some students and staff feel sick, and we have released many students to their approved guardians. Also know that I will be sending communication regarding this incident to families momentarily.”

It still stinks here on the top floor, but it smells worse on the lower levels…

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