Football Team Falls Hard to West: 40-8

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Kameron Yarbrough said his first game “it was pretty cool but we didn’t come out with the win. We also ran pretty good. Our teams strengths are running. What was tough about the game was running back. We couldn’t find a way to control the edge. We need defence to improve on the edge because that was what they were beating us at.”

Jose Rodriguez  said ” Our first game went well, and last year they scored a touchdown. This year they scored two. We did good. Around second qaurter they all started messing up. Our teams strengths are running with the ball. What was tough the game wass getting close to the players, it was a lot of pressure. Also was arm defense. We need to improve not being scared to hit.”

Arnulfo  Ayala said ” Our first game went well but we need to practice on our plays. The thing that went well that we did good we scored a touchdown but we just lost by two points. Our teams strengths are we’re good at tackling and good plays

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