The battle of the books

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What is battle of the books? How did you select the students? Mrs. Kuch, Battle of the Books sponsor was asked, “Battle of the books is the district wide, kind of like a book club but all of the middle schools read the same books and then in November after we read all the books we go to battle.” What do the selected students have to do? “They have to read our six books as well as answer questions. At the battle they have to do competitions.” How do you ‘battle’ with the books? “It is a mix between family feud style games, a EDU breakout, kind of like an escape room and then there is a relay race.” Why did you want to do battle of the books? “Because I love to read.”

“Why did you want to join battle of the books? “I have done it for a long time, since elementary school, and I like reading. We read a bunch of books and we would get asked questions about the books and then finally have a competition with other  schools, like family feud and answer questions quickly without the book.”

Emily Jimenez said, “I wanted to join battle of the books because I like to read and I enjoy it very much.” How do you do battle of the books? “You basically just read books. You read certain books and you make questions and then you get to debate over them.”

When Mrs. Wikler was asked, “What is battle of the books?” she replied, “Battle of the books is a competition where we take teams to a district-wide ‘battle’ in November, after students have read six books and  we do different things with those books when we go to the competition.” How do you select the students in battle of the books? “The students go through an interview process where they fill in a commitment to the club and also get teacher or adult recommendations.”  What do the students have to do to be in battle of the books? “Students have to read six books and then make five questions, comprehension question for each book and then show up for the competitions.” How do you ‘battle’with the book? “In November, we do several different things: we do a relays style race, where the students run down and answer questions and run back; a family feud where we compete against other schools answering the questions; there is a break out box; and we also do a book discussion.” Why did you want to coach battle of the books? “I love to read and also because I want the students to have the opportunity to be able to do something like this.”

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