Tough Fight Ends in Tough Loss 14-12 Against Argentine

Team Controls Game in First Half; Jose Rodriguez Scores 2 Touchdowns

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Photographer: Jazmin Michel

The Bearcubs football team controlled the first quarter with 3 fourth-down conversions that ended with a touchdown by Jose Rodriguez. The score would remain 6-0 until late in the second quarter. At halftime, the score was tied 6-6 and would remain until the 4th quarter with the Mustangs making a touchdown and the two-point conversion. Jose Rodriguez ran for another touchdown, but the Bearcubs failed to make the two-point conversion that would tie the game.

Two minutes remain in the 4th: Argentine makes two penalties, one of which was unsportsmanlike conduct. Coach Batie declines both to get possession of the football. 1:36 minutes remain: Tackle for a loss; Rodriguez gains yards; another gain; an incomplete pass ends this exciting first game–one of the best opening game performances in years! I’ve never seen Coach Brockman so excited at a first game–EVER!

Arnulfo Ayala Galvan said “I thought we did well but we just need to practice more our plays. I thought did well is we did good we scored a touchdown but we just lost by two points. Our team strengths is that their good and they know how to tackle and we’re a strong team together. What was tough about the game was they had bigger players we still lost lost by ten points but it was a good game even though they had bigger players but it doesnt matter how big the players are it matters how you play. We really need to improve more and practice our games and tackle.”

Jose Rodriguez said “I think we did well last time we scored two touchdowns on our first game and we did good. I think we did well on second quarter. We all just started messing up and we stuck as a team and we did really well. I think we need to improve on running the ball. What was tough about the game was second versions it closes a lot of pressure and improve our defense.

Kameron Yarbrough said, “I think the 1st game was pretty cool. We were running pretty well. Our team’s strength is our running. What was tough about the game was the running back. What we need to improve is defense, because they were beating us on that.”

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