FIrst Home VB Games Draw Big Crowds

B-Team Wins Their Both Matches; A-Team Fights Hard, Falls by 2 Points in Game 2

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B Team Wins First Two Matches–It’s Over for Arrowhead B Team!

Minutes into the first game and the score is 17-5! The biggest cheerleading squad ever has the crowd roaring! First to 25! Let’s go Bearcubs! One of the fastest wins this reporter has ever seen! One down only one more to go! Yeah!

Second game, Arrowhead has a small lead 5-4 in the opening minutes. Central needs to get those powerhouse serves going! Score tied 7-7. “Come on, let’s go,” states Coach Perdue. And they do, score is now 9-8, our favor! Yeah! Time out called–now score is 13-10! Only 12 more points–half-way there! We did it! A shut-out! (oops–is that only in soccer? Apologies!) 25-18! Coach Drumwright says, “Well played, ladies!”

A Team Struggles in First Game, losing 20-25; 

First minutes of the game and the score is 12-17, Arrowhead is ahead by 5 points! We need those powerhouse serves and returns, ladies! This is making us nervous, coaches are pacing–it’s taking 3 hits to return on both sides. Alas, the score is 18-24. Nataly Duran’s powerhouse serves may save the game! It’s 20-24! Way to go, Nataly!!

Bearcubs score the first points in the second match, but Arrowhead quickly comes back. Score tied 3-3. Arrowhead edges ahead with a three-point lead, 8-11. Yeah! We’ve pulled ahead 13-11! “Nice job!” Aaaagh! Arrowhead has pulled ahead again, 15-19. CJ Reno is up to serve–wow! Do not step in front of that volleyball! Powerful! Their serve again and it’s 20-23. Such a close, hard-fought game! Come on Bearcubs! 21-24…22-24…Keyrens Jazzo serving brings the score to 23-24…Missed volley ends the Match 23-25.

Congratulations to our Central “A” Volleyball Team on their victory over the Argentine Mustangs.The Lady Bearcubs had complete  control of the match winning in two straight sets 25-11 and 25-6.The Bearcubs overpowered the Mustangs with their tough serving and great teamwork.The girls completed 88% of their serves and 63% of those serves were ACE serves.The top servers for the last night’s match were: Vicky Banuelos, Keyrens(pronounced Cadence) Jasso,Sandy Silva and Jocelyn Flores. Our next match will be at home on Thursday, September 6 against the Arrowhead Apaches. Coach Perdue



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