Do I really wanna see my score….?

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MAP Testing can be stressful for many students. I know it is for me, and possibly others that are hoping to get into Sumner. I know many sixth graders are stressing out to get good testing scores. Trust me, I was that sixth grader too– that trying to get a better score than everyone. This year is especially important, as a 7th grader whose goal is Sumner! I believe the scariest part of MAP testing is when you answer a question that you’re not familiar with and you don’t know whether it brings the score down or how low or high your score is. The most annoying part is when you’re trying to whisper to your friend to tell them something real quick and the teacher calls you out and gets on your case about not talking during MAP testing and everyone deserves equal quiet, etc. Then, when you finally, finally finish, and it feels like a brick wall that’s been in front of you for 2-3 (or more) days is finally knocked down, and you’re finally done with the torture. but then you look to see if the class is almost done, but there’s still like 20 kids taking their sweet time not even halfway done. You’re like. Why? And then you pause before you push NEXT…did I go up?

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