Track Meet Cancelled Again Due to Weather = Only TWO Meets This Season


Carlos Sepulveda said, “I felt bad because I really wanted to run. It wasn’t that cold. It was the second meet that was cancelled. We haven’t had a meet yet this year.”

Kayrens Jasso said, “It’s kind of a waste of time-all that practice for nothing! But is kind of good at the same time because we get to practice more, maybe win! They were canceled because of the weather–it was too cold and they didn’t want us to run in the cold because of the wind. It got more cold during the afternoon. I think Mrs. Estes is the one who cancelled the track meets. Hopefully, we get to make up the meets. Probably we get to make up at least one, I’m guessing. We were disappointed because we have been working working hard and we actually wanted to go out there and show off Central Middle School–show how good we are.”

Coach Batie said, “It sucks! I’m upset–the rain, snow. I don’t know why it was canceled this one, but the last one was canceled. I don’t know who decides. Hopefully, we get to make up the meets because we’re working hard and we want the kids to be able to preform. I know the track kids were upset because they wanted to run, even with the bad weather.”

Joselyn Flores said, “I think it’s a waste of time, also, but we get more time to practice, which is good for us. I don’t know who decides to cancel, it was probably cancelled because of the weather and how cold it was. We are still going to have the next meets and we are going to actually be able to play. We were really disappointed, especially the second time because we were really expecting and excited to finally play and run.”

Coach Henry said, “I was disappointed that the meets were canceled, but I understand why they should be canceled. It was cold outside. Mrs. Estes makes that decision. We are hoping that we will make up the meets. One idea we have is probably combine all the schools together so we can get to meet them. They were very disappointed the first time. They understood because it was a lot colder and it was wet. Then we had snow yesterday. That was really disappointing.”

Coach Perdue said, “It was really frustrating! The weather this year has been kind of bad for us for practice. It’s been cold and we’ve had a lot of rain. It really sucks because we’ve been really working hard and the kids need to compete. They were cancelled because of the temperature. We had snow on both weekends. The first weekend we had snow and sleet and there was a lot of ice on Monday morning. The temperatures were really cold and the wind shield was really cold. It was the same way for both of the meets. the second Monday was a little bit warmer. Actually it was the temperature that cancelled the second meet. The athletic director is the one who decides to cancel. Mrs. Estes talks to me about it a little bit and we go outside see what the temperature is like. All the schools on both Monday meets cancelled. They are trying to get them to reschedule. It’s kind of tricky because the middle schools don’t have their own track. so we have to use the high school facilities, but the high school also has track teams and they have soccer teams. So, it’s hard to get a place to go. Then it’s hard to get  everyone lined up on those same days. Like I said, it’s tricky. I know that the kids thought that we could run yesterday. They were disappointed. They want to run against other schools and it’s hard to come to practice everyday and not be able to compete–to be able to see how well you’re doing, to see what you need to work on.”