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Viviana Macias-Leyva Chosen District Student of the Month

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Viviana Macias-Leyva Chosen District Student of the Month

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Pictured: Ms. Luevano, Science 6 Teacher, Viviana Macias-Leyva, Principal Hornback at KCK School Board Meeting.

Congratulations! Viviana Macias-Leyva was the district student of the month for February. She informed the KCK School Board that she wants to follow her sister to become an engineer. She has excellent grades, helps her classmates, and is a always smiling.

Viviana is an excellent student. She is constantly trying her best with everything she does. When she begins to struggle she never gives up, but instead looks at the problem with a new perspective. With her school work she does above and beyond what is expected of her, taking simple projects and turning them into impressive feats. When another student doesn’t understand work she has no problem stepping up to help them.

Viviana is a kind, natural leader amongst her peers. She has no problem standing up to bullies if she sees a friend is getting hurt and tells the proper adults. She is kind to everyone, helping translate if a student doesn’t understand, and lending supplies to students in need. Viviana is a natural choice for student of the month.

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Viviana Macias-Leyva Chosen District Student of the Month