Central Upset by Coronado; 7th Grade by ONE Point


The Bear Cub B Team traveled to Coronado Middle School on Thursday 2/2. The game was a defensive battle. The Bear Cubs played tough defense and kept the score low. At half time, the Colts led 9 to 5. 

Samuel Holmes was able to draw some fouls and hit 4 free throws in the third quarter. Then he made a layup and drained a 3 pointer in the fourth. At the end of the fourth quarter; the Bear Cubs were ahead 13 to 12. The Colts had the ball with 45 seconds left in the game. After a few frantic shots, Coronado rattled in the go-ahead basket with 11 seconds left in the game. The final score was Coronado 15, Central 13.  

Samuel Holmes generated all of Central’s offense with 13 points. Coach Laird appreciated the defensive effort from Alan Tapia, Alex Perez, Pyo Sein, and Josh Gaddy.