Basketball Teams Lose Against Coronado

Teams Play with Heart ‘Til Final Bell

Central teams lost to Coronado at the season’s last home game Tuesday, February 18. When asked about the loss, Coach Bobbit, 7th, said, “They didn’t do what we’ve practiced the first half.” As the photograph shows, he was not a happy camper! The 8th grade team lost by over 40 points, but they played hard and played with all their heart until the final bell. Coronado had the numbers so they could substitute players frequently. “Our numbers hurt us.” When asked what’s been good about the season so far, Coach Bobbit said, “We’ve had opportunities to win, but we’ve just haven’t finished, but it’s been good to be into games. It’s been exciting this year.” What’s been not so good about this season? “We’ve only won one game. We need to finish our games strong and get more victories. It’s been sorta sad that we haven’t won one in a while.” When asked how the team’s improved this season, Bobbit stated, “Our shootings gotten better. Our defense has been good the whole year. We scored 30 points in the 8th grade game against West and in the 7th grade, we’ve been scoring at least 10 points every game.” What’s the most exciting thing to happen? “The kids enjoyed winning.”

When Coach Batie was asked, “What’s been good about the season so far?” He replied after a long pause, “Nobody’s quit.” What’s been disappointing this season? “The scores of a couple games.” How has the team improved this season? “Our passing.” What was the most exciting thing to happen? “The 7th grade team won.” When Demitri Dillon, 8, was asked what’s been good about the season, he said, “We’ve got more players on the court now and it’s really great to see how many 7th graders are out for basketball this year.” Roosevelt Burns, 8, adds, “Our passing and our defense is better.” When asked what’s been a low point in the season, Dillon replied, “That we have a low percentage of shooting.” Burns said, “Missing our layups on fast breaks.” What was the most exciting part of Dillon’s season? “Making shots and getting points on the board.” Burns’ season? “Winning the game. When I see my girlfriend in the stands!” How has the team improved? “Working on our shots during fast breaks,” said Dillon and Burns adds, “Working on our layups and our passing.” Diego Garcia, 8, said, “We’ve been close to winning our games. But other teams have scored a lot of points on us. We’ve improved by running more. The most exciting thing to happen this season was when we almost won the game, losing by one point in overtime to Argentine.”

Fernando Villegas, 7, said, “We’ve been working hard on drills, but we can’t win. I’ve improved on my dribbling this season. The most exciting parts of the season for me are working hard for my teammates and going to the basket.” Yoab Rodriguez  adds, “The good thing about the season is that the 7th graders won a game! Our offense has not been good. We have to start working better at shooting and making more shots. Our defense has improved a lot. We steal balls a lot. The first game we won was the most exciting.” Pilar Rodriguez states, “We’ve all gotten better since we started, but we’re still losing games. I’ve improved. I’m better conditioned and I’ve got better shooting. Beating Argentine was the most exciting part of the season!” Abu Wanu states, “We’ve lost four games, but we are getting better. What’s not so good is that people do different than they do at practice and we want to change that. The coaches are good and I’ve gotten better each time I practice.”