Were 6th Graders Prepared for Middle School?


Bhoj Kami said his grades were low this quarter. “My hardest and easiest class was English Language.” When asked what he will do differently second quarter, he said “Raise my grades.” When asked if he was prepared for middle school, he said, “No, I wasn’t prepared. I needed to learn how to pay attention and do my homework.” Juan Sosa states, “So far my grades are good-I have straight As on my assignments and only one B. My hardest class is math-a little. My easiest class is art because I love art and drawing. In second quarter, I’ll try to get all As.” When asked if he was prepared for middle school, Sosa replied, “My 5th grade teacher prepared me a lot. I should have known my multiplication better.” Angelo Vasquez said, “My grades were fine. My hardest class was math and my easiest was science.” What will you do for second quarter? “I’ll study more.” What could have been done in 5th grade to help you prepare? “Learning how to pay attention in class and doing homework.” Carlos Torres said, “My grades were good. Computers was my hardest class.” How prepared were you for middle school? “Learning how to pay attention better in class.” Eric Martinez said he would study more in the second quarter.

Andrew Serrano said, “So far I have all As and one B in reading/writing. My hardest class is math because there’s some things they’re teaching that we didn’t learn last year, and some things are review. My easiest class was reading and writing, but I don’t understand the teacher’s explanations sometimes. I’m going to try to ask more questions during class second quarter.” How prepared were you? “I was pretty prepared because I had siblings who used to go here and they told me what to expect.” What could have been done in 5th grade to prepare you? “They could have told us what was going to go on in middle school and what things we’d be learning.” Nery Gonzalez said, “I had 2 Bs and all the rest As. My easiest class was math and my hardest was science. I will try to get all As second quarter.” How prepared were you for middle school? “Not that much. They ask you more questions and more physics in math. We could have had more homework in 5th grade.” Javier Melendez said, “My grades were pretty good-2 Bs and the rest were As. My hardest class was science and my easiest was advocacy! For second quarter, I’m going to try harder in science, turn in all my work. I missed some work and I got some zeros.” How prepared were you? “I needed to remember fractions!”

Kameron Metcalf said his grades were good, but a little bit bad. My hardest classes were science and math, with social studies my easiest. In second quarter, I’m getting my grades up by working harder and coming after school.” How prepared were you for middle school? “Just a little bit, because in 5th grade I always got in trouble. I could have practiced harder and done my work.” Sebastian Becerra said, “My grades were good. It’s kinda hard, because I’m not that focused. I’m going to try to get focused next quarter. My hardest class was math. PE and social studies were my easiest because I know a lot about history!” How prepared were you for middle school? “I was nervous, but now I’m not. In 5th grade I should  have learned my facts because 6th grade is harder.” Olivia Renteria said, “My grades were good and math was my hardest class because I didn’t really get my 5th grade math. Reading and social studies are my easiest classes I’ve always loved to read!” When asked how prepared she was for middle school, she replied, “I was prepared. I haven’t been tardy and my brother told me about the classes and teachers he knows.”