VB Team vs. Staff: Close Battle-Staff Wins Again!

8th Grade Volleyball Team Member’s Perspective:

In the first game, Central’s volleyball girls took the first win against Central staff. The next three games were a struggle for us, and Central Staff took the wins. The last game was close, 8-10. We could have won if we had more time. “It was different playing against staff instead of other students, not letting the ball drop, and more pressure.”

“We played a good game, even though we lost. We did our best and we stuck together until the end of the game. Great job, staff. We’ll get you the next time! We’ll be waiting for the rematch…” states Jovana Chacon.

Central Staff Volleyball Player Extraordinaire, Ms. Falke’s Perspective:

“The staff came into the game pumped up and ready to win! The first game was a close one, and the students ended up winning. The next three games the teachers rallied back and got the wins. Each game was fairly close and kept everyone on their toes. The teachers were able to keep their momentum and spirits high throughout all four matches. The girls put put up a good fight, but the teachers were victorious in the end. Again.”