Meet the New Librarian and Assistant


When asked what plans she had for making the library better, Mrs. Freeman, the new Central librarian, replied, “We are having more hours that it’s open, we are continuing to add to our collection, and we’re trying to help students get comfortable with using our databases. The students here are great! I like them.” What challenges have you faced? “We’ve made a few physical changes to the way the room is set up. We’re weeding through the collection so we have room to add new books, giving away older, but still good, books. My goals are for the library to be more accessible to students, so it’s a place where you’re comfortable to come to study and read and enjoy. I’m in the process of ordering new books and we’ll probably have them by Thanksgiving. I have about $5400 to spend on hardbound books and $5000 for the ebooks.”

When asked about the Book Fair, Ms. Freeman said, “I’m excited. It is challenging: the set-up, the tearing down, but also there’s no Family Fun Night voucher for students this year, as there has been in the past years. It will be challenging to get kids to buy books.”

Anthony Corted, the new assistant for library, said, “Right now Ms. Freeman has me busy pulling out old books, anything that’s outdated goes on the Free Books table outside for anybody. This is my first year here and I’m trying to get the hang of things. My goal since being hired is to encourage students to read more. I wish they bought more books than posters at the Book Fair, though. Reading is fun, it expands your mind.” 7When asked what he thought of Central students, he said,  “Students are very respectful. Some students do not know how to calm down. I would like to add that the students need to cut down the profanity, to show respect to other students and the faculty.”

Andrea Garcia adds, “If you see a book you really want at the book, you can nicely ask the librarian if she can order it for the library.”