The Memory Makers: Meet Your Yearbook/Newspaper Staff


“Yearbook/Newspaper is the best time of my life!” exclaims Datsima Perea & Brianna Soriano. “We get to take pictures with the camera. We get to edit it. It’s fun looking through the pictures seeing when people look happy or stupid. Interviewing people is great. You get to see their perspective on what their sport or their activity is. From our point of view, it looks fun, but from their point of view, they have to work hard at practice and their really nervous. They have to represent our school in front of others. It gets even worse when their parents come and they have the added pressure of making their parents proud. We like being part of things, especially the dances.” Esmeralda Zapata said, “The first time I interviewed someone, I was so nervous, I couldn’t even introduce myself! And now, it’s easy. I joined because I want to be a photographer. Also I joined so I could get out of the house after school!”

Olivia R. likes taking photos and interviewing people. Sometimes I get nervous, afraid I’m going to forget the questions.” Myria Shifley said “I like taking pictures and you get to go to the games.” Nicole Maced says “I like taking pictures and I’m a good writer. I think the digital tape recorders are really helpful, so much easier than writing them down.”

“One staff member took a picture of me and I looked like I wanted to hurt someone. I didn’t even know they took the picture!” Datsima Perea.

Asia Waugh joined our staff because “my friends told me that it was fun. Plus I like the snacks.” Avril Kramer joined “so I can take pictures, interview and have fun.” Ximena Granados joined because “It’s a way to interact with 8th graders and 7th graders. I like they get to find out what’s happening at the school.”

Ashley Isidro joined because “ I want to interview and learn how to use the digital camera and Datsima convinced me to join!” Jesus Ortiz joined “because there are snacks! I like taking pictures. I don’t like interviewing—you have to talk to the person, but Ms. Smith makes me.”