Meet Central’s New Principal

Mr. Josenberger Returns to CMS, as Principal This Time


What is a typical day like as a principal? “A typical day is pretty busy, especially at the beginning of the school year, trying to get everything situated and make sure that teachers and students have what they need for the school year.” How many students come into your office in a day? “That depends. Today has been busy, I’ve seen about 6 or 7 students in my office today, but it depends on the day and the issues.” What do you do when there’s nothing to do? “There’s always something to do! There’s never not anything to do!”

Where you ever a teacher and what did you teach? “Yes, I was a teacher. I taught PE for about nine years, mostly in middle school, some of those nine years here at Central Middle. I taught some in high school and I’ve been an administrator for nine years.” What do you like about your job? “I like getting to know students, to show students that there’s a better way to do things, that there’s a positive role model, to help them enjoy their school experience.”

How do you feel about testing? “I think testing is necessary. We need to get students to understand the importance of it. I do think there is maybe more testing than we need sometimes, but I also think that everybody has to be accountable. We need to help students understand what the tests actually mean and I think we would get a better effort and participation.”

Do you ever worry about intruders? “No. I think our building is safer than most places. Our district does a good job of putting parameters in place. I don’t see intruders as an issue in our school, but it is always something you have to be ready and prepared for in case it happens.”

Is it hard being a principal? “I enjoy my job, but it is a challenging job. It is hard sometimes, to try to get so many people on the same page, but for the most part, I always enjoy my job.” Do you get paid well? “It depends on who you ask! If you ask teachers, they say I get paid well. If you ask other administrators, sometimes they don’t think it’s enough. But I’m happy with the salary I make.

Have you every been late to work? “Not in a really long time. I usually get to work at least 30 minutes early every day.” Do you ever wish you could just lay back and watch TV or surf the internet? “Yes, often!  A lot of times, that’s what my evenings look like. I come to work early and work late, so once I’m home, I don’t work much.”

Do you ever get angry with a teacher? “Yes, but there’s ways you can work through it. Me being a principal, I need to show students and adults that you can be angry with somebody, but still be able to work and get things done.”

Do you have a boss that tells you what to do? “Absolutely. We all have bosses.”