Cheerleaders Have a New Leader!

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Heidi Mera, a returning cheerleader,  likes cheering because “the team always supports you. You don’t have a competition, it’s more like a family. There’s really nothing I don’t like about cheering! Anissa Love likes cheering because “we get to do stunts and work as a team. The only thing I don’t like about cheering is the running part. I have never been a cheerleader before, but I did gymnastics.” Vianey Contreras likes cheering because “you make new friends and it’s fun to dance and to cheer.” Like Anissa, she likes everything about cheering but the running. Arlet Marcos because “you get to meet and make new friends and it’s fun stretching and learning the cheers and moves. I don’t like that I can’t do the splits.” When asked why she tried out for the squad, Arlet said, “I thought it was going to fun and I was not going out for anything else.”Crystal Ramirez likes cheering because “I like show confidence and cheer for my fellow students so they believe in themselves, that they can do it! I haven’t ever been a cheerleader, but I’ve been in gymnastics for two years.” What don’t you like about cheering? “I don’t like that people think you have to be all ‘preppy’, because I’m not like that.

When Coach Wells was asked what she liked about cheering, she replied, “I like that we have school spirit and that encourages others to be happy, motivated and energetic! I don’t like that cheerleaders have the reputation that they’re bullies and mean to others because we’re on the cheerleading squad, but we are not like that, we want to convey positivity.” How do you get your cheers? “From when I was a cheerleader in school and I also encourage the girls to create their own cheers.” When asked if she knew how to do the splits, she sadly said, “I do not. I used to when I was in school, but now I’m too old and can’t do them anymore!”

What are the requirements for becoming a cheerleader? “Mainly to be energetic, positive and helpful. These are my requirements because I don’t want anyone to be hateful and dramatic,” replied Coach Wells. What are your team’s strengths? “They’re very motivated and team-oriented and spirited, and that’s good!” When Coach Wells was asked how she prevents drama, she stated, “I talk about it in the very beginning, that I don’t stand for that. We’re a team, so we’re not going to do that and if drama happens, I will cut someone from the team.”

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