The Power of Theater

We appreciate you, Mrs.Brown and theater students!

Theater is a fun experience. For many it is a chance to get out of their comfort zone and be less scared in a crowd. Mrs Brown, theater teacher, is an inspiration to her students. She makes them feel comfortable when they are in her classroom. She tells them that there will be some performances in class where they will feel uncomfortable, so–they need to get out of their comfort zone. Mrs Brown knows how to help students in many ways. She offers scholarships to students who need it. Mrs.Brown always tells students who are afraid that they don’t have to be afraid. Mrs Brown cares for all of her students. She warns all of her classes that if they will feel uncomfortable with the performances they do, they might want to switch, because they will be doing many uncomfortable games and performances.

Theater is powerful. Theater helps you let their emotions out. It also helps you get comfortable talking in front of people, when you weren’t before. Mrs. Brown does a lot of fun games, like Mirror. Mirror is a game where you are a mirror and your partner does an action slowly. Then you have to the action exactly as if in a mirror. Mrs.Brown wants her students to do good on their performances. She has headbands and face paint to help students get into character. She also collects cardboard, just in case a student needs to create props.

Every school needs a strong theater group to help kids to think outside the box. It also gives them a chance to communicate in a variety of unique ways. It shows kids how to handle difficult and stressful situations. Theater is a creative outlet for emotions, thoughts, and views on the world. Theater develops many skills that can be used in your everyday lives.