A Very Close, Challenging Students vs. Staff Basketball Game

Staff 49 Students 46

“I tried to get them an overtime, but the students blew the last minute,” states Mr. Dyer, referee for today’s match up.

“I had to talk to the team at our time-out. I told them if they didn’t get their head in the game, we were going to lose this year,” admits Coach Batie.

“They are really fast. Old guys like me can’t keep up!” exclaims Mr. Kolkmeier.

“I need ice and a wheelchair!” adds Mr. Roeckenhaus.

“This year’s basketball team gave the staff the most challenge of any staff vs student game in all the years I’ve been here!” states Ms. Smith, yearbook editor.

The student players:  This years’ game was a very suspenseful match. The students scored the first points in the game and the lead went back and forth the entire game. Eventually, the staff won by three points. Students had many fouls, resulting in many free throws for the staff. Mogisha and Kameron were the top scorers for the game. Students played really hard, but didn’t get the result they expected. They supported each other, telling each other, “You can do it. We can do this!” The players were really fast, faster than the teachers.

The Staff players: Coach Laird kept falling. Everyone would jump over him and he had a hard time getting up. Mr. Roeckenhaus kept blocking, using his height to block students’ shots. Mr. Weinzurl, girls’ basketball coach, kept dunking the ball. He’d dribble and shoot the ball, making most of his shots. Coach Slyter was the most competitive, pretending to yell at the students when they made a goal. Coach Batie played really good and also very competitive. The staff worked hard, working well as a team. Mr. Quintanilla not plays soccer well, but also added point to the basketball scoreboard. Ms. Reno was very excited with her basket, running to high-five her team. Coach Batie had to remind her she was still in the game and to get back on the court! But, the funniest parts of the game were when both sides wrestled for control of the basketball. Kameron would NOT let that ball go!

After the Game: All the staff were limping back to their classrooms…