Spelling Bee was a Buzz

Bezawit Mengstu wins CMS Annual Spelling Bee and will advance to the Wyandtotte County Spelling Bee!

This is Samantha Mendoza interviewing Bezawit Mengstu. How does it feel to win? “It feels amazing to win and it was shocking to me because I didn’t expect to win. Since it was testing time, I didn’t have time to prepare for it much, so I didn’t even plan on competing.” How many people did you compete against? “I think I competed against thirteen people.” How long did you study for the spelling bee? “I practiced two times with help of my brother.” How long did you do the spelling bee for central? “This is my second year doing spelling bee” Why do you think being a good speller is important? “I feel like it just helps you though life in general and almost all jobs you will have needs you to write” What words of advice would you give to those who want to compete next year? “Practice way more than I did, and have fun because its not really about winning, it’s about the experience.”

The spelling bee is one of the most underrated school competitions but it is really fun and, not to mention important. Spelling bee can open a lot of doors for students like college