The CMS Drug Fiasco- People at School Doing Dumb Things


On January 10th, a Friday in the second week of the new year, 5th hour class was the start of a nightmarish day. As usual, it was chaos. Students were barely paying attention except for a certain few, talking over each other and the turning point was when a student took drugs during class.

The teacher was trying to teach, but no one was listening. A student saw another student that seemed sleepy, then she got up and fell down. The boys were starting to notice something was off and laughed at her, telling her to do things like “hug this person, kiss this person, jump the teacher, jump out the window” and other commands. The teacher was oblivious to it all.

Her friends thought she was playing. Not until she fell, did they know something was wrong.  Her friends took her to the nurse’s office. They kept students in 6/7th hour for more than 30 minutes longer than normal. the 3rd lunch was delayed due to this, causing the next lunch to be put off for about 25 minutes. During 3rd lunch, students saw an ambulance appeared and police cruisers were on both sides of the building.  They started calling students down to the office. Teachers escorted one class at a time from the cafeteria to the classroom.  That’s when we learned what had happened: some students had taken drugs brought by another student, or students, and they were taken to the hospital. No one died. But they could have.