Girls’ Basketball Ends 6-1 Season with Disappointing Loss to Eisnehower

Coach Funches replied when asked how did you feel about this season, “I felt this season went very well.”  What went well this season? ” I think we played very hard, we were very consistent, and we had a winning season score.”  What was the most exiting thing that happened?  ” I think that our initial win over Eisenhower was probably the most exiting thing that happened because last year they beat us. So, it was pretty good to get pay back.” What was the worst thing that happened this season? “One of our players got a concussion and she was bleeding excessively and, we had another girl who also was bleeding. I guess it’s the consistent blood that we shed. But they played hard–so that happens in basketball.”

What do you want to improve for next season? “I want to get girls started earlier so they have opportunities to know about basketball prior to starting the season.”  What were you nervous about this season?  “I wasn’t nervous about anything this season  because I have faith in all of our girls, our team, and our school.”  What did your team improve this season?  “They improved their communication. We didn’t have any girls fussing at each other, so it was really nice to have them communicate effectively and not let anything get in their way of winning games.” What will you change for next year?  “Next year we’re thinking about getting a head start. We’d like to do some basketball clinics so that CMS girls have more opportunities to experience basketball and know whether or not they really want to play. A lot of girls have never played basketball before, or don’t know if they are good at it, so we want girls to have that chance.”