Choir, Orchestra, Band Concert: Change in Location & Time This Year

When Ms. Reynolds, Choir and Band instructor, was asked if it was hard to set up in the gym, she stated,  “Yes, it was. It took most of the morning and the PE teachers were a big help.” Were you happy with the results? “I was very proud of my students, of what they were capable of doing in front of 300 of their peers, which is very scary. They did an excellent job!”

The 6th graders performed a song using only the mouthpieces of their instruments. Why do you use the mouth piece at the beginning of the year? “It is a way for students to figure out how to play their instruments, without putting the whole thing together. The mouth piece is one of the most important part of an instrument.” How long have the students been practicing their songs? “They been practicing their songs since the middle of September.”

What will you change for your next concert? “We will be doing some holiday songs. The students will be learning new things in the mist of that–some new rhythms, new scales, all of the new music stuff. Also, we will be adding a lot more instruments to our vocal music.” How do you choose the songs? ”I choose the songs based on if it’s a song in a different language, if it’s a song in that sounds like a lullaby, is it a song that makes you think, if it’s a song that the students will like it because it is really, really fast, is it an easy song easy.”

Due to the district cutting supervision costs for after-school dances, concerts, sports games, etc., choir, orchestra, and band performed for parents in the gym during the last hour of classes. “I felt that the concert was more confusing for others: Band students didn’t know where to sit in the gym set-up because we were used to the stage set-up; rotating was confusing because we usually go separate, but we rotated this concert; it did not feel like a concert because of being grouped up and switching around, and being in the gym was very different,” said Jaime Ortega.