Bike Club

Ms.Taylor, a Bike Club sponsor, was asked, “What is bike club? “Bike club is a place where students can come after school every Tuesday at three o’clock. They’ll work on bikes, and at the end of the bike club, they get to take a bike home for free.” Do you need to know how to ride a bike to join? “Nope. We can even teach you to ride a bike.” What do you actually do in bike club? “Well, today we are going to breaking down bikes and then we are going to start fixing the bikes.” Do you get to ride the bikes? “Yes.” Do you already own a bike? “I do not already have a bike. That’s why I’m in bike club–so I can learn to work on bikes and I can get me a free one.” Do you enjoy bicycling? ” I love bicycling. It’s so relaxing.”

Tayshawn Suber states that bike club “Is a club where we learn how to fix and handle bikes. We are going to fix bikes for other kids who are in need of it.” Why did you join? “I joined because I like fixing bikes and riding bikes–it’s always been my thing.” Do you get to ride the bikes? “Yea, you get to ride a bike and go to the park and just have fun.” Do you already own a bike? “Yes, a BMX bike.” Do you enjoy bicycling? ” Yea. It’s always been a fun thing for me.”

Keiryae Emery was interviewed next.  Do  you need to know how to ride a bike to join? “No, you don’t need to know how to ride a bike. But, just in case you want one or you like your bike or want to fix your bike.” What do you get to do in bike club? “Well, right now we are taking off our front tire and taking out the tube to fix it and then we’ll put it back on and air it up.” Why did you join? “I joined because I wanted to learn how to fix more parts of my bike. I already know how to fix a little bit, but they really break down everything and teach you how to fix everything on your bike.” Do you get to ride the bike? “Yea. After we fix them I think so.” She already owns a bike and she rides it every now and then. Do you enjoy bicycling? ” Yes it’s fun, Especially going out and riding with friends.

Mr.Lee, a Bike Club sponsor, said, “Bike club is an after school program where we get together and learn how to work on bicycles. Then, hopefully we will learn some safety stuff and how to be responsible with a bike by working on some of these bikes. Then, we can give away these bikes to some younger students. But each person that is a member of this club will get their own bike and hopefully will be able to ride. I know it’s gonna snow right now, but someday we will ride them! If you have a bike, it’s good to take care of it so you can learn how to ride better, working good and keeping it safe. We learn how to fix bikes and learn how to ride safely and how to use a bike for transportation, or just for fun” Why did you volunteer  to do bike club? ” I volunteered because I ride bicycles and I love working with youth. When we do the program, we get money from other organizations to help us with the costs of bikes, repair, and equipment.”